Technology and Design

Utope offers to develop an entire product for you, including customized technology and design

In a 4 step product development process we offer to create
an innovative and cutting edge product for you and your customers:

1 Analysis

  • Clear identification of your needs in a workshop and in interviews with your team
  • Estimate of costs

2 Strategy

  • Preparation/ Definition of time schedule and goals, coordination
  • Technology advice
  • Material research
  • Initial design concept, in cooperation with your design team
  • Reviewing goals

3 Prototyping

  • Development of the technology individually and according to the defined concept
  • Integration of the technology into the product design
  • Production of prototypes and small batch series
  • Reviewing goals

4 Production and Marketing

  • Involvement of suppliers and production partners
  • Supervision of production, coordination of suppliers and supply chain
  • Testing and certification, professional expertise on product accreditation

We are accustomed to coordinate the worlds of technology and design.

Our know-how and expertise will accompany you trough the whole process,
to answer all your questions during the development phase and to get the result
that perfectly fits your needs in the end.


Please contact us, if you are interested in product design by Utope.