Wearable Technologies Trendbook

Utope is one of the experts listed in the brandnew Wearable Technologies Trendbook by WT (Wearable Technologies Group), powered by Trendone. The book presents an overview on actual wearable trends and products. The book is...[more]


exhibition views at MAK Vienna

exhibition views, VORBILDER. 150 Jahre MAK: Vom Kunstgewerbe zum Design; MAK exhibition hall, selection by Sabine Seymour, copyright MAK/ Katrin Wißkirchen[more]


Utope presented at MAK Vienna

Utope is part of the exhibition "Vorbilder/ Exemplary", taking place at the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna on the occasion of MAK´s 150th opening anniversary. A modern exemplary collection, selected by Jan...[more]