About Utope

What is Utope ?

Utope is a great vision.
And Utope is a brand creating wearable design products.

What does Utope do ?

We integrate innovative and outstanding wearable electronic components into stylish urban wear pieces. For our collection we mix that with smart sportswear functionalities and traditional elements of menswear clothing.

What is the meaning of your brand name Utope ?

The name UTOPE is inspired by the ancient greek word utopos (engl. utopia), which means "no place".

This imaginary empty space, the Nonspace is the main source of inspiration for us, the beginning of all the possibilities that could be.

We see UTOPE as a think- and work tank in which we start to define the Nonspace in order to create a positive future idea, based on things and developements already existing merged with the non-thought and the new.

Who is Utope ?

we are 4 guys working on UTOPE

There is me, Malcolm Whyler, I am the designer of the brand.

The second in the team is Ken Monk, out test person for lots of our sporty applications, as his daily routine is the most active (he runs a bicycle delivery service). As a passionate cook he also provides UTOPE with a lot of "mental food" with his extraordinary ideas and his recipes, how to approach something.

Third one is Rumi Soorya, our mastermind, expert for many different technologies and coordinator of the cooperation with our technological partners in Berlin.

Last but not least there is Alexander von Brandt ... but most of the time he is on his yacht somewhere in the world to discover new inspirations and materials for UTOPE ... and to face all kinds of unexpected challenges.

And of course there is "our boss", but he prefers to be unseen behind the scenes.

We are working together here in this place, creating all the stuff of UTOPE.

What kind of products do you have ?

We do have a collection of smart urban wear and accessories for men including different interactive and intelligent functions.

The products are high-tech design pieces for everyday use.
You can wear them in the office or on the bike, on a journey around the world or just at home in your private oasis.

They are inspired by good old sartorial artisanry and by nature and bionic shapes and functionalities. Therefore, they are comfortable to wear and very well adapted for our dynamic and mobile way of living.

Sporty Supaheroe Jacket 01 is the first wearable electronic device in the collection. This jacket is equipped with our wearable electronic system including LED´s and sensors and it is focused on increasing the visibility and security of its wearer in the dark.

Further pieces include smart functionalities, which are common in sportswear, like high flexibility, breathability or body climate/ temperature regulation.

And some of the designs are made of traditional materials with "ancient" intelligent functional characteristics like a water and wind repellent wool-loden, which people from the austrian mountain regions already use since centuries.

For most of our clothes we even use organic materials.

So our products are a new kind of wearable intelligence blending style with optimum performance and the most innovative technologies of our time.

Will you present a collection twice a year ?

No, we plan to have new things once a year.

In general, the collection is modular.

All the pieces in the collection are modules, which fit into each other.
These modules are a base we will keep in our range for more than one season.
By and by the collection will be enlarged with more of these modules.
There will be new technologies, apps, shapes, colours and materials, covering warm as well as cold seasons.

So you can keep the good things you like and at the same time discover new pieces whenever you want them.

Where is Utope based ?

The place we work and live is situated in a big city in the middle of Europe. UTOPE as a company is based in Austria.

What is important for Utope ?

Our main intention with UTOPE is to bring a new element into clothing an fashion, which is not really a part of the textile world so far and which will change the way we see and use clothes a lot.

So innovation is a key factor for our work.

What we already experience is how technological devices get more and more part of our daily life. As we use clothes every day and as the necessary technologies are available yet it makes sense and it is a logic step in our opinion to integrate them in clothing as an intelligent and flexible expansion of devices like a smart phone. With future materials like stretchable electronic systems totally new applications will arise. UTOPE is part of this innovative evolution.

Another important fact is, you need to link technology with design to get a real cool product. That migth sound self-evident, but it isn´t.

Therefore we combine the best opportunities technology keeps at hand for smart products with our design solutions to shape things, which inspire people and which let them feel our ideas of the future.

A third value I would like to mention is quality.

For us quality means to create a product, that has reasonable applications and that is made from the best materials and perfectly manufactured. So a thing that works, that feels good and that lasts.

It might have something to do with my speedy bicycle delivery job, but I am really a fan of slowing down. And luckily we also adopted this value for the concept of UTOPE.

We think it takes time to "breed" a real good thing.
So we spend the time it requires to develope a cutting edge product in terms of techology and design. And we "give our products time" as we create them with an eye on a long life cycle and on sustainability.

In our point of view "calmness is the key to strength", so we do allow us this luxury for UTOPE.

What I would like to add here as important for us is communication.

We are open to discuss our ideas and to give input to everybody who wants to know more. Usually this is the shortest way to find out what people want to buy. But we are idealists (primarily), so we really would be interested to know, what you think about UTOPE.

The vision of Utope ?

Our vision is to create clothing of the future ... and to describe an utopia that does not exist yet.

I could imagine a networked suit, with an interactive surface all over and with internal energy supply, connected to our devices, giving shelter and enabling interaction with people and the world around us - a second digital skin ... this idea frightens and excites me at the same time ... quite utopian, isn´t it ?

Who made this marvelous comic story for you ?

The comic was made by our friend Stefan Palaver, an artist living in Vienna.

A question in the end, what about being a Nonspace-Supaheroe ?

Ah, so you have already read the comic ...

Sorry, we cannot talk about this, that´s top secret ... apart from running UTOPE we have to do this supaheroe stuff from time to time ... but have a look at the episodes of the comic that are to come, all of our adventures will be shown there ...